The Serenissima was established as a public boat Company for the City of Venice, under the name of Serenissima Anonymous Company on December 22nd, 1924.
It was the first Company to offer a

boat rental

service for navigating inside the City and around the Lagoon Islands.
The social fleet included about 30 boats some of them with the capacity of transporting over 40 people.
From 1950, thanks to the modernization and strengthening of its fleet, the Company started using larger and more comfortable vessels suitable for the transportation of larger groups of people.

In 1976 the smaller boats called “lance” or “taxis” split-up creating the Serenissima Taxi Cooperative.

Today the “Serenissima Motoscafi srl” owns a social fleet of Grand Tourism Motorboats which can transport up to 230 people, all equipped with the most efficient Technology and first class services to ensure a comfortable and safe navigation.